TIP HOTLINE - 1-888-845-7900

You do not have to be a Fraud Guard client in order to submit a report. If you suspect mistrustful behavior from any team member within your governmental organization, you can report the behavior anonymously through this hotline. In the instance you would rather talk about the suspicious behavior than type the information, the Tip Hotline provides a way to communicate your concerns to a live Fraud Guard team member.  The Fraud Guard team will never ask for your name, so your dialouge remains 100% anonymous and confidential.  Information taken by our Fraud Guard team will be documented on paper and the information will be forwarded by email or FAX and sent via priority mail to key members of management and the governing body of your organization. If you are reporting suspicious behavior from management and/or elected officials, please specify names so that we know to exclude them from receiving our report.  You can reach a live representative at 1-888-845-7900. Typically, information reported will be submitted within one business day.


"Not on my watch"

As government elected officials and management, you know that safeguarding public monies and trust can be a difficult responsibility. We're here to help you stand guard on your watch by taking preventative measures and being proactive against internal fraud.